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Create Your Blog Now course

Imagine having a great idea or product that you desperately want to share with the world, but you don’t have the money to invest in advertising. You’ve heard of others building extremely successful businesses on the internet, but you don’t have any technical expertise either. You find yourself bewildered and frustrated, knowing you’re on the verge of a breakthrough, but unsure of how you will ever get yourself from where you are to where you want to be. Every day you don’t find an answer, the opportunity to grab hold of your dreams is pushed further and further away from you.

Starting With Your Back Against The Wall

 This is the place I found myself a few years ago. I had lost my job due to the downturn in the economy and I found myself losing everything and struggling to rebuild my life. I decided that I never wanted to be at the mercy of an employer again, so I decided to start a home based business. I was sure that if I could simply harness the power of the internet, I would certainly be able to turn my circumstances around. Like you I didn’t have any money to work with either, so paid advertising was out of the question; however, I also knew that without creating a steady flow of traffic my efforts would be short lived.

Fortunately for me, I was introduced to the idea of using a blog for business. I had done some blogging before, but mostly as a personal journal. I had never entertained the idea of using a blog for business building purposes. I would love to tell you that I simply went out and put up my blog and from there found instant fame and fortune, but that was not the case. The reality is that I spent over a year of listening to training calls and trying different things, before I found the real secret to success.

I know that many people today are finding themselves in a similar situation to the circumstances I found myself in and so I set out to help folks, just like you who are wanting to take control of their future. I’ve created a comprehensive, step-by-step video tutorial that will take you through the complete process of building a blog for your business, even if you have never done more than surf the web and check your email. In this course I will help you pick out a name for your website address, assist you in choosing an eye catching design for your site and point you to the options that will make your site highly visible to any search engine. In addition to taking you by the hand as you build your online presence, I will also be teaching you how to design the content you put on your website so that it ranks quickly in the search engine results.

Get ready to experience real progress in your business as you accelerate from beginner to professional

  • Install a WordPress blog and be up and running in mere minutes

  • Discover lesser-known, highly effective workarounds that put your blog ranking ahead of your competition in the search engines

  • Free yourself from time-wasting tactics, so you can enjoy your success

  • Establish yourself as an authority in your niche by using your own unique personality and style

  • Start new businesses from scratch using the same technique over and over again

What I am getting ready to teach you is how to build the same platform I’ve used to go from virtual obscurity to being in the top 30,000 most frequented websites in the United States and the top 140,000 most visited websites in the world. Each and every day I generate anywhere from 5-10 new customer contacts through my blog, generating thousands of dollars per year in sales. Every month my blog gets nearly 30,000 visits from over 6,500 unique visitors and my only expense is $10 in web hosting. Can you think of any other advertising medium that produce this type of continual business flow for such a minimal investment?

Create a blog site

create a website

Here are just a few reasons why so many are building vast business empires with a blog:

  • Makes you real – people buy from those they like know and trust

  • Allows you to interact with your prospects and customers alike. Relationships are the key to repeat business.

  • Money normally spent on advertising can be used on your family or other things that are important to you

  • Blog content continues to work for you even when you are sleeping and for years to come

  • Create leads and make sales without needing an entirely different website

  • Earn income from advertisers who want to advertise on your site

Thank you for teaching me the skills necessary to incorporate a successful blog marketing platform into my company website.  I’ve experienced a large growth of visitors to my website who are expressing interest in developing new contracts for my services. “

Randy Nutt, CEO Kinton Accounting Services

Portland, Oregon

Create Your Blog Now course

In developing this tutorial, it was important that I not just show you the mechanics of setting up your own blog, but that I equip you to be successful with your blog as well. In addition to this training course, I am also including three valuable resources to give you the best chance for success that I can possibly provide.

Bonus #1 – Traffic 2.0

Traffic 2.0

This report reveals the secrets to sending a daily tidal wave of traffic to your website. The strategies outlined in those report include both free and low-cost methods that have proven themselves effective for thousands of online business owners.

Bonus #2 – How To Write Blog Posts That Suck Visitors In

write blog posts

What good is a blog, if no one ever reads it? In this bonus report you will learn how to write your blog posts in such a way that visitors are hypnotized and drawn to you almost magnetically. Your readers will not settle for just one visit, but they will keep coming back for more.

Bonus #3 – Business Branding

With all of the noise on the internet, getting your message heard can be difficult unless you stand apart from the crowd. In this bonus report you will learn the secrets of crafting a brand for your business. These strategies will not only set you apart from your competitors, but they will make you the expert in the eyes of your target audience.

When I teach these same skills and strategies in offline workshops, I charge nearly $1,000 per person; however, I wanted to make this training available to even the smallest home based business. So for a limited time, I am offering this course absolutely FREE!

Create Your Blog Now course

A 100%, No Questions Asked, Money Back Guarantee

I personally guarantee that if you follow the steps outlined in this course, you will have a thriving, traffic generating online presence. If at any time during the next 30 days, you feel that I have fallen short in delivering on everything I promised, I’ll be happy to refund your entire purchase price with no questions asked.

money back guarantee

I will only be this ridiculous offer for a short time, so act now before this offer is no longer valid. Rest assured, if you don’t take action, your competition will.

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Don’t remain invisible any longer, letting others take the success that is rightfully yours.

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Carl Willis


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